News School Council Meeting 27.09.2019

On Tuesday afternoon, the 2019-20 School Council representatives met for the first time for a training day where they also discussed their ideas for the year ahead.

The School Council is composed of an elected student representative from each form group – from all year groups. Training the students for their role helps the School Council operate effectively and the two hour session – run by teachers – focused on the importance of effective leadership. The girls shared their experiences of good leadership at Godolphin, giving examples from across the school community including fellow students, teachers, catering staff, and the pastoral team. They then heard first-hand from an array of staff with leadership responsibilities in the school who discussed their own approach to leadership.

The girls were encouraged to reflect on their own experiences; identifying personal strengths as well as development areas. It is the hope that our form reps feel more prepared and confident in executing their roles using the strategies discussed in the session.