News Satveer Nijjar Mental Health Awareness 09.02.2023

On Thursday 9 February, Year 10 attended a workshop with Satveer Nijjar on mental health awareness. Satveer is an independent trainer and speaker and has visited Godolphin and Latymer in previous years to speak to our students. On Thursday she facilitated important discussions surrounding the stigma of mental health compared to physical health, and how this can be one of the biggest barriers to accessing support. The session touched on self harm and why people might turn to self-harm, and the importance of recognising if we are struggling. Satveer shared her personal experiences with her own mental health challenges, creating an open environment to discuss topics which can often be seen as taboo.

Our students left the session with an increased awareness of the importance of talking about our mental health and emotional wellbeing, and how to support themselves and one another.