News Robot Revolution: Year 9 Cross Curricular Day 17.10.2019

On Monday, the whole of Year 9 took part in ‘Robot Revolution’ run by Bright Futures for Cross Curricular Day. Alessia, 9BV, had this to say about her experiences:

‘The day was started off with a talk which addressed what robots are and explained that many everyday items that we use are manufactured by, or are, robots.  This was followed by a carousel of four different activities: coding with sensors, robot building, robot coding and then FEZ and Big Trax (using robots from the eighties).  I particularly enjoyed the FEZ and Big Trax as well as building robots.  Finally, all teams took part in a Kahoot quiz to see what we had learned from the day’s activities, which was enjoyed by everyone and was very informative. All in all, the whole day was great fun and I cannot wait to do something like this again!’

There is a growing appetite amongst our students for computing and coding, and as a result, there are more and more opportunities for girls inspired by the day’s activities to develop their skills in Robotics and Coding with the Senior Robotics club which takes place every Tuesday lunchtime.