News Respectful Upstanders 30.09.2021

On Monday, Year 8 gathered for their first year team meeting of this academic year. Throughout the Lower School we have a shared ethos of ‘being a respectful upstander’ – a theme shared with the girls throughout form times and assemblies. It encourages girls to uphold our school values of being respectful, courageous and remarkable, and even more importantly, standing up and speaking out when they see these values lacking.

Year 8 girls have been set the challenge to work collectively as a year group to produce a shared assembly on the topic of ‘being a respectful upstander’ to deliver to the Year 7 girls next week. Girls will be guided by their tutors to share their knowledge and experience of what it means to stand up for our school values both in our school community, in the wider community, and on social media too.

We very much hope that Year 8 embrace the opportunity to lead and guide the newest members of our school community on this matter, and we look forward to seeing their ideas presented in the Year 7 assembly next week.