News Raising Awareness of our Bursary Programme 27.04.2021

We have been working hard to raise awareness about our means-tested bursary programme and widen access to our outstanding education. This year we offered a record number of ten bursaries for Year 7 pupils, nine of which were transformational. Next year we are thrilled to be offering eighteen bursaries for Year 7 pupils, twelve of which are transformational and four of which offer support at 75-80%.

To widen access to our school most effectively we have been working hard to find those that could benefit most from our means-tested programme.

The Bridge Programme
Our award-winning Bridge programme provides academic enrichment for local Year 5 pupils who attend state primary schools.  From January 2021 we have been able to double the number of pupils that are able to benefit from the programme, with pupil numbers increasing from 44 in 2020 to 76 in 2021. This year 36 local schools are taking part in the initiative. We are particularly encouraged that three graduates from this pioneering programme will join the 2021 Year 7 cohort, furthermore, nine out of the fifteen pupils who applied to selective schools have received offers at 11+!

The London Fee Assistance Consortium
Alongside other leading London independent schools, we are members of The London Fee Assistance Consortium (LFAC), which aims to raise awareness about the financial support available at leading independent schools in London. Through advertising on the tube network, social media and in the London newspapers, the LAFC aims to connect bright pupils with the financial assistance they require to access outstanding education.

The London Fee Assistance Consortium has existed for over a decade and you may see Godolphin and Latymer advertised on their tube ‘map’ adverts as well as on the consortium website.

The Bus Campaign
Some Dolphins may have spotted their faces on the back of an iconic red London bus as part of a local campaign raising awareness about the school and our means-tested bursaries. In particular, we hope to have spread the word to our local community who perhaps hadn’t thought about sending their bright daughter to an independent school, and weren’t aware of the financial assistance available at Godolphin and Latymer.