News Project Pollution Update 24.01.2020

On Thursday’s whole school assembly, the Green Team gave was given an update into Project Pollution an update on Project Pollution, an initiative launched in September which aims to raise awareness of the impacts of air pollution in London and how our school community can contribute to the solution.

The Green Team thanked the school Green Reps for their continued support with this project and highlighted that form 9BV is currently at the top of the leader board as the form most consistently using sustainable modes of transport to travel to school. The team shared some of the environmental, social and economic impacts of air pollution and busted some popular misconceptions. Students also heard the inspiring words of Greta Thunberg, speaking at the Davos World Economic Forum this week, and learned how our responsibility to limit carbon emissions forms part of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Most importantly, the assembly focused on what is being done to address this issue and what we, as a school community, can do to help. The Green Team recommended finding a car-free journey to school, reducing the number of deliveries from online-orders and spreading the word with open and constructive conversations.