News Pop-up Snack Shack raises money for Alice’s Arc 09.02.2024

In their Food and Nutrition lessons, Year 8 have been designing, developing and making healthy snacks to sell in the Cloisters room at breaktime – all part of our G&L Futures Live Projects programme.

They were set the task of creating a nutritious snack to provide lasting energy throughout the day by the school catering company, Chartwells, during Challenge Your Limits Week. They will present their fully formed, evidence-based ideas to Chartwells in the Summer Term, but this mid-project point has allowed them to test their minimum viable products, gain feedback on their designs, and also consider how they are progressing against decision filters such as reduction of sugar and customer appeal.

Rather neatly, the Bassi house charity champions have embraced their entrepreneurial spirit to run this MVP feedback session as a social enterprise to raise funds through the selling of these delicious snacks in support of their house charity, Alice’s Arc.