News Politics Society Talk: Professor Sir Vernon Bogdanor 22.02.2023

On Wednesday the Godolphin Politics Society welcomed Sir Vernon Bogdanor, currently Research Professor at King’s College and the former Professor of Government at Oxford University, to speak this week on his most recent book, The Strange Survival of Liberal Britain: Politics and power before the First World War.

In his talk, Professor Bogdanor explored some of the significant challenges to the government 1895-1914, focusing on the women’s suffrage movement and Home Rule in Ireland and going on to consider how these issues have affected modern politics. He made fascinating connections with the political challenges of the present day, particularly in Ireland, controversially arguing that we can draw lessons (and not just mistakes) from history. The talk was a brilliant opportunity for students to expand their understanding of the development of Liberalism and the Liberal Party, including the dramatic political changes 1895-1914, and how they have affected our politics today.

The Politics Society were incredibly grateful for his visit and we look forward to reading his next book about sixth significant figures in 20th century British politics.