News Politics Society Talk: Old Dolphin Aphra Brandreth 20.01.2023

Politics Society was delighted to welcome Old Dolphin Aphra Brandreth (Class of 2006), Vice Chair of the Conservative Women’s Association, as a speaker this week.

Firstly Aphra had lunch with some sixth Form students, discussing university applications and reflecting on her experiences at Godolphin. Aphra then spoke to the Politics Society about her mission to encourage more women to participate in Politics and also explained how she had come to be involved in politics and the Conservative Party. Discussion following Aphra’s talk focused on the pros and cons of all-female shortlists, the process of becoming an MP and the experiences of women in politics.

Thank you very much to Aphra for coming back to Godolphin and giving us an insight into the different barriers to women standing as MPs and how these can be overcome.