News Politics Society Talk: Lord Vaizey 09.02.2024

Lord Vaizey, member of the House of Lords and former Conservative MP, met with the Politics Society on Tuesday afternoon to discuss his time as Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries from 2010-16.

Lord Vaizey spoke to students about his experience of supporting an emergency motion to allow the House of Commons to undertake proceedings on the European Union, where shortly afterwards, he was informed that he was not entitled to sit as a Conservative. He gave insight into how prominent culture and the media is in the UK financially and socially, and expressed his opinion that it is too looked down upon. After a preview and short summary of his life, he opened the floor to questions. These ranged from inquiries about the US general election and the impact it will have on British politics, and his own experience with constituency link as an MP.

The students thoroughly enjoyed how engaging Lord Vaizey was, and how it provided an actual insight to the day in the life of a Lord and someone that is heavily involved within politics. It is crucial for students who have interest in politics to attend these deliveries as it provided a broad range of opinions from contrasting political perspectives.