News Old Dolphin Medics and Vets Virtual Conference 2021 17.06.2021

Aspiring Lower Sixth medics and vets had an amazing opportunity to virtually meet eleven Old Dolphins currently studying at Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, St Andrews, Nottingham and KCL as part of their Higher Education Preparation Programme. 

The Old Dolphins generously offered personal accounts of their application journeys and great words of encouragement based on their experience of this demanding and competitive process. Together the Old Dolphins showcased a range of Higher Education pathways creating an opportunity for all our aspiring medics and vets to draw parallels between themselves and the success stories of years past. With few open days running live on campus, the Old Dolphins’ first-hand accounts of university life at some of the UK’s most well known medical and vet schools will prove invaluable as the Lower Sixth begin to strategically shortlist their university choices over the coming months. 

Lower Sixth students found it especially useful to hear from several students currently studying Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge who discussed their experience of a more traditional and academic introduction to the professions. The Old Dolphins’ advice on preparing for an equally unique admissions approach and the importance of developing the confidence, presence and resilience to sustain an academic conversation at interview was particularly useful. Furthermore, hearing from equally qualified students on their decision to target their application to universities prioritising early clinical training further highlighted the value of tailoring higher education advice and preparation to reflect the strengths of each and every student. 

It was an absolute delight to be reunited with several generations of Old Dolphins through this virtual event in support of the Lower Sixth’s Higher Education Preparation Programme. Next time, of course, we hope to be able to meet in person.