News Old Dolphin Jessie Discusses Studying at Harvard 24.06.2022

On Friday, our Lower Sixth students enjoyed the opportunity to attend a talk by Old Dolphin Jessie Pitsillides, who recently completed her first year of studies at Harvard University where she is focusing on Applied Maths and Economics.

Jessie talked about some of the highlights of her freshman year experiences, including some of the traditions which are unique to Harvard, as well as the importance of balancing her academic work with the vast range of extracurricular activities offered on and off campus. Jessie also discussed the leadership opportunities available at Mentor Jr, the unique programme she founded which offers peer-to-peer mentoring by secondary school students for primary school pupils. She explained the qualities she is looking for while building her team of managers and encouraged students to be proactive while applying for positions of leadership.

We thank Jessie for visiting us and wish her all the very best with her summer internship and the remainder of her studies at Harvard.