News NYU Essay Workshop and Harvard University Talk 16.06.2022

On Wednesday, our Lower Sixth students planning to apply to US universities had the opportunity to attend an Essay Writing Workshop hosted by the Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at New York University, Ms Lisa Mortini.

The workshop encouraged the students to think creatively when telling their story in the personal essay, highlighting the importance of using descriptions and anecdotes, and the difference between showing and telling. Ms Mortini also offered tips and strategies for writing the ‘why’ essays, discussing the concept of fit and the kinds of examples to include in the supplemental essays.

On Thursday, students enjoyed a virtual lunchtime meeting with the Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Recruitment at Harvard University. Ms De Luca explained the liberal arts and sciences philosophy as well as the vast range of learning and research opportunities offered to undergraduates both on and off campus, such as Harvard’s ecological research area and innovation lab.

We will continue to host talks by Admission Directors in the coming days to keep our students informed about the wide range of opportunities offered at US universities, with the Associate Director at Boston College speaking to our applicants next Tuesday.