News Netball sessions with Layla Guscoth and Sasha Corbin 28.01.2021

Q&A Session with England Netball International Layla Guscoth

We were delighted to have the company of Layla Guscoth for a live Q&A session to share her journey and experiences of being a professional athlete, studying at Oxford University, becoming a qualified doctor and how she balances two careers.

Stella in Year 11 shared her thoughts on the session:

‘On Monday we had the privilege to have a Q&A session with the talented Layla Guscoth. Layla is an exceptional England Netball Player and she was kind enough to take the time out of her busy schedule – especially after having just competed in the Netball Legends Series – to give a talk on what it takes to be an England Netball player and how she manages to balance her time with netball and her career as a doctor. Layla spoke on her education after secondary school, and how she managed to juggle her training with her education. Layla attended the prestigious Oxford University and managed to get a full medical degree whilst also pursuing her passion. The most inspiring aspect of this story for me personally, was the way she managed to keep working hard throughout both aspects of her life, and was able to efficaciously prioritise what she needed to focus on at any given moment in time. Her advice on being able to efficiently manage her time and energy, without burning out, is something I hope to adopt into my daily life. Layla was able to pick a route that allowed her to enjoy and pursue both her medical career and her netball career, both very reputable. This has encouraged my thought process when picking my path in the future, as I want to ensure my education is at a high level, like Layla, whilst still managing to keep up with my netball: maybe not at such a high level as Layla, but nonetheless!

Alongside the arduous path, she took; her inspiring road to recovery from injury, showing her incredible resilience; and her kind and vibrant personality: she has inspired us how we might like to approach our separate paths in life with the same mindset.’

Live Solo Session with England Ambassador and Saracens Mavericks Captain, Sasha Corbin

With the absence of physical sport we were very excited to have the founder of Solo Sessions and Saracens Mavericks captain Sasha Corbin lead a virtual netball skills session.

Georgia in Year 7 had this to say:

‘The netball session with Sasha was a great chance to try out some new skills that I’ve never done before. What was even more of a surprise, is that Kadeen (her sister) was there too! I found it very useful and I am grateful to them for running the session before they had to commute to their own squad training session. I learnt lots of new hand-eye coordination skills and other drills that you can do at home during lockdown. I’m hoping to use the skills that I learnt in this session in the different positions around the netball court as soon as school is back up and running again.’