News McGill University Talk for Sixth Form Students 18.11.2022

On Tuesday, our Sixth Form students attended a lunchtime talk by the Senior Admissions Officer at McGill University, Ms Karen J’bari. They were also joined by students from St Paul’s Girls’ School and Latymer Upper School who were eager to find out more about the learning opportunities offered by McGill.

Ms J’bari explained what makes Montreal one of the most vibrant student cities in North America, and she elaborated on the wide range of academic and extracurricular opportunities which make McGill a top-ranked university in Canada and in the world. The students also found out about the application process and the admission requirements, and how to use their A Level or IB grades as transfer credit which can be counted towards a McGill degree.

Canada remains a popular destination for our students, and we will continue to host talks and events by admission representatives in the coming months to keep our girls informed about the range of higher education options available to them.