News Maths Competition at St Paul’s School 14.10.2022

On Wednesday after school, eight mathematicians from Years 8 and 9 made the short walk to St Paul’s School for a team maths competition with over 50 pupils from Christ’s School, Fulham Boy’s, Hammersmith Academy, St Paul’s, St Paul’s Girls and West London Free School.

On arrival our mathematicians were split up and joined different teams working with pupils from other schools to compete against each other. Working through some challenging problems in three rounds (Group, Crossnumber and Relay) the initial tentativeness of working with people they didn’t know was soon overcome with fervent mathematical discussions and was a joy to behold.

Well done to Emily, Polina, Milo, Jaya (Year 9) and Alicia, Matilda, Lyla and Teah (Year 8). All were a credit to the school and Milo was also part of the victorious team so received a prize. Fantastic problem-solving from everyone and thanks to St Paul’s for hosting.