News Smoothie talking with Richard Reed 05.03.2020

On Tuesday we were delighted to be joined by Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent Drinks, who came in to talk to our Sixth Formers as part of their Academic Enrichment programme.

During the Q&A session, chaired by two of our Head Girls Team, Richard discussed his experience of entrepreneurship; from the challenges of starting a business from scratch to the benefits of teaming up with two of his best friends. Other topics ranged from the business ethos of Innocent Drinks, where the inspiration for their unique brand and packaging came from, and just exactly how those smoothies were developed (it turns out a blender at home was pivotal!). Our shrewd Upper Sixth also didn’t miss the opportunity to quiz Richard on gender equality in the workplace, leading to a great discussion on how important diversity is to a successful workplace.

Many thanks to Richard for finding the time to visit us and to the Upper Sixth for being such an engaged and inquisitive audience. We hope the session left them feeling inspired about the future, especially as we come to the end of National Careers Week.