News Lower Sixth Politics students visit House of Parliament 10.11.2022

Lower Sixth Politics students visited the Houses of Parliament this week, enriching their understanding of UK democracy.

Students gathered at Emmeline Pankhurst’s feet on a glorious Autumn morning before our tour. We were lucky enough to spend a good amount of time in the Commons Chamber just before PMQs as MPs were coming in to reserve their spaces with prayer cards. Therefore, some students played a crucial role, helping the MPs by popping the cards into the slots on the famous green benches. It was very interesting to see key locations such as the lobbies and Westminster Hall in person and to experience the busyness of Parliament on a working day. Students also participated in a lively workshop on Representation and Voting where they considered the benefits of different voting systems and put together their own manifestos – well done to Annabel’s political party who were the victorious group.