News Lower Sixth Leadership Workshops 24.06.2022

Over the past two weeks, a number of our recently appointed Lower Sixth student leaders have been participating in a series of workshops and activities to hone their vision and aims for the coming year as they take on their Positions of Responsibility.

Under the guidance of Mr Carroll, the Head Girls Team, the House Captains, and members of the Social Impact, Sustainability and Diversity Committees have collaborated in articulating their values, their mission, and the intended impact and purpose of the work they hope to undertake in representing and leading the school community over the next nine months.

Each individual student leader will be developing an idea or initiative which they will be delivering with the support of their teams and other members of the student and staff bodies to benefit both the school and wider community during their final year at Godolphin. They will be sharing their goals with the school community at the start of next term and we are all looking forward with excitement to seeing what they deliver over the coming academic year.