News Lower Sixth Geographers Visit Blencathra Field Studies Centre 12.05.2022

Last weekend, Lower Sixth geography students donned their waterproofs and marched across the boggy moors of Blencathra for the first time since 2019.

Armed with ranging poles and clinometers, students spent the weekend investigating the physical geography of the lakes, which in practice meant measuring drumlins, corries, roche moutonnées, moraines, eskers and striation, and all other landforms associated with glaciation, in order to piece together the direction and extent of ice flow in the northern Lake District. Saturday was spent in the upload areas around Grasmere, near Easedale tarn, whilst the students were in the Borrowdale valley on Sunday measuring lowland glaciated landforms. After a rainy Friday, we were blessed with the best weather seen in the Lakes so far this year for the rest of the weekend.

The students were outstanding; they approached the fieldwork with interest and diligence, collecting a huge amount of data to analyse for their Geography coursework about the impact of ice on the Lake District.