News Lower Sixth geographers investigate glacial environments in the Lake District 19.05.2023

Over the past weekend both IB and A Level Lower Sixth geographers embarked on a journey to investigate the history of glacial environments in the Borrowdale Valley during a Geography field trip to the stunning Lake District.

Under the brilliant sun and against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes, the students engaged in various activities to deepen their understanding of glacial processes. They collected sediment samples, conducted geomorphological mapping, and honed their navigational skills by taking bearings of numerous glacial features. Through these tasks, they aimed to reconstruct the flow and extent of glaciers during the Last Glacial Maximum.

One of the trip’s most exhilarating moments was a race across a drumlin while profiling it, demonstrating the students’ speed and precision akin to Olympians. The enthusiasm and dedication they displayed throughout the fieldwork were truly commendable. We have never seen a group of students so excited to look at striations! 

Outside of the rigorous scientific investigations, our group enjoyed memorable moments together. We had the pleasure of watching Eurovision, and the students’ entertaining commentary proved to be more captivating than the performances themselves. Graham Norton might want to keep an eye out for some competition!

We extend our gratitude to all the students for their active participation and to the teachers who made this trip a success. It was a unique opportunity for our students to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting and foster a deeper appreciation for the natural wonders that surround us in the Lake District.