News Lower Sixth Further Maths Competition 06.07.2022

This half-term our Lower Sixth Further Maths students were set a challenge to produce a presentation and a poster to explain advanced mathematical concepts to be judged on their clarity of exposition; making the concept accessible and presenting it in a clear and engaging manner; demonstrating clear understanding of the concept; including university-level description and mathematics.

The students produced work of outstanding quality and we were absolutely delighted that Dr Vangelis Evangelou, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath, agreed to be our judge saying,

“I looked at the posters with great curiosity and interest. I am happy to hear of such initiatives that promote independent study of all areas of mathematics. It was definitely not easy to pick winners. I suggest the following rankings:

  1. The Fast Fourier Transform – Lillian Auld [First place]
  2. The Travelling Salesman Problem – Indigo Wolf-Garraway [Second place]
  3. Beam Deflection – Sara Galal [Third place]

“I know you said to write a few words for the winners, but I think every student should be rewarded for the effort they put in, so I have written positive comments and ideas for further research for all.”

Well done to all of our Lower Sixth advanced mathematicians and a huge thank you to Dr Evangelou for providing such comprehensive and encouraging feedback to all of our students.