News Lower Sixth English Language Conference 28.01.2022

On Wednesday, Lower Sixth English Language students attended a Language Conference at Notting Hill and Ealing High School.

The first speaker, Dr Rebecca Woods, a lecturer in Language and Cognition, gave an engaging talk on Child Language Acquisition, focusing on the importance of input in question acquisition, through observations of her son, Laurie. Following a break, we then took part in an engaging experiment that emulated the process of language research in Higher Education, whilst investigating Language Evolution. The second lecture was given by Dr Ruth Page, a teacher of Applied Linguistics and Literary Linguistics at the University of Birmingham, exploring her interesting research on TikTok and the narrative of social media influencers. 

The Language Conference gave students the opportunity to experience the further study of Linguistics at Higher Education and beyond. We were also able to relate their current A Level studies with the current ongoing research in the language world.