News Lower School Art and Design Exhibition 06.03.2020

On Wednesday evening we welcomed parents to the annual Lower School Art and Design exhibition.

Held in the Bishop Centre, the exhibition showcased the arthropod artefacts created by students from Years 7, 8 and 9. It was a multi-sensory experience as leaf-cutter ants marched across the floor and the jointed legs and detailed body segments of paper-printed millipedes climbed the walls of the Bishop Centre to the sounds of the Amazon rainforest. It was a unique exhibition that demonstrated both the girls’ artistic ability and the ingenuity of their creations. A diverse range of specialist approaches and techniques were employed and this included needle-point textiles, slab-built ceramics, and gouache painted surfaces as well as linear wire sculptures.

This was a truly excellent opportunity for the school to celebrate not only our students’ strong technical skills but to highlight the love that went into each project.