News London’s No.1 Independent School for Sport 28.02.2020

We are delighted to announce that we have just been named as the No. 1 Independent Sports School in London and 9th in the country by the publication School Sport Magazine!

School Sport Magazine’s exclusive top 100 independent sports schools of the year list reflects competitive achievement in a range of sports throughout the year and honours those schools that take competition especially seriously. Based on nineteen different sports and more than 120 different national competitions, more weighting is given to success in a range of sports rather than single sports as well as competitions with more teams competing – with all results inputted into a special computer programme. Reaching the top 30 of the independent school list puts us in the top 3% in the country.

The ranking reflects the fantastic work our teachers and coaches do in consistently supporting girls competing at the top level and ensuring that all girls have the opportunity to participate and enjoy sport at Godolphin.