News Languages Week 2021 19.11.2021

It was Languages Week at Godolphin and we’ve had a jam-packed schedule of events and activities – with everything from pizza-making to Flamenco – in celebration of foreign languages and cultures.

The recent COP26 coverage highlighted the need for international cooperation and understanding to combat climate change and Godolphin girls are acutely aware that there has never been a more important time than now to work with people of different nationalities, cultures and religions. Increasingly in our global world we see that mastering different languages and understanding different cultures are vital for fostering effective international co-operation and commercial links and we know that the future for our students will not be defined by national borders. 

There have been many highlights throughout the week, with pupils involved in Spanish and South American flamenco and salsa, an Arabic taster session, Mandarin karaoke and tai chi, a French ‘escape room’ and immersive theatre, a German Oktoberfest, Italian pizza-making; and there has been a host of assemblies, conversation clubs, workshops, films, quizzes and (with particular thanks to the catering team) delicious food from around the world.  As well as improving their language skills, girls have discovered more about the different cultures and traditions, dress, food, music and dance of different regions around the globe.

Students have participated in all the week’s activities with such great enthusiasm and linguistic talent. They have embraced other cultures and celebrated the extraordinary linguistic diversity of our brilliant, polyglot school community: about half our students speak at least one language other than English, and 45 different languages are represented.

Languages Week has been a huge success and has encouraged our students to develop an international outlook to match their expanding horizons.