News Languages Week 2019 22.11.2019

In the current political climate, it was pleasing to see that the Godolphin and Latymer community has once more proven its enthusiasm for foreign languages and cultures as we celebrated Languages Week.

The girls have engaged fully in all the activities that were on offer this week and in turn have been very generous in sharing with their peers their native language and culture. Alongside the school’s usual programme of student-led clubs and societies that celebrate different cultures, Food Technology lessons have featured culinary delights from around the world and girls visited the MFL market stalls hoping to trade some linguistic knowledge in exchange for some sweet treats such as Madeleines and Carambar.

Lunch times have been spent debating in French and Spanish, earning House points in MFL quizzes and spelling bee competitions and finding their equilibrio with Spanish yoga. Yoga wasn’t the only activity that paired physical exercise and an appreciation of different cultures together as Year 7 Spanish students learnt the steps to Flamenco dancing, Years 8 and 10 learnt the ancient art of Tai Chi and Year 8 French students had a taste of immersive French theatre from foreign language theatre group, Onatti Productions.

The week was hugely successful and highlighted to girls the importance of friendship and international understanding and the girls embraced with enthusiasm the opportunity to experience different cultures and traditions.