News Junior Kangaroo and Junior Mathematical Olympiad 29.06.2023

Several students in Years 7 and Year 8 made their mark at the Junior Kangaroo and Junior Mathematics Olympiad competitions earlier this month.

Of the five who entered the Junior Olympiad, Year 8 student Lucy Vernor-Miles earned a Distinction and a Silver Medal in the Junior Olympiad, placing her among the country’s top 100 participants. Lucy’s classmates, Camilla Ragulin and Ilioni Bougani-Pournara, also secured Merits in the competition.

In the Junior Kangaroo, a total of 55 students qualified from Year 7 and Year 8. Six girls from each year-group achieved Merits, including Amanda Brown (7FS), Daisy Robinson (7FS), Florence Gu (7FT), Yasmin Elam Nasser (7NT), Lilly Kanazashi (7PT), Jiexi Li (7PT), Arya Thaker (8AD), Matilda Price (8DN), Siena Becker (8DN), Sidney Ojukwu (8GS), Victoire Brizay (8GS), and Sasha Anderson (8HK).

Congratulations to these talented young mathematicians for their remarkable achievements in these national competitions.