News Junior Chamber Choir sing evensong at Chapel Royal, Hampton Court 03.05.2024

On Wednesday, the Junior Chamber Choir embarked on a significant excursion to the esteemed Chapel Royal, situated within the historic confines of Hampton Court Palace. Their objective was to enrich the sacred ambiance of evensong, a venerable tradition steeped in centuries of musical legacy.

Throughout the service, an array of musical compositions were rendered, including Preces and Responses, the psalm, Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, Anthem, and hymns. The choir exhibited remarkable composure and sophistication, adeptly navigating the continuous performance with genuine maturity. A particularly memorable moment arose during the rendition of ‘A Gaelic Blessing’ wherein the choir demonstrated exceptional artistry, fully immersing themselves in the dynamic nuances of the piece. The choir’s artistry was further complemented by the exquisite and picturesque setting of the Chapel Royal, enhancing the overall auditory and visual experience for all present.