News It Happens Sessions 02.11.2023

On Tuesday It Happens, an external provider whom we have worked with for a number of years, ran sessions with Year 7, 8, 10 and the Lower Sixth. These sessions supported our PSHE/RSE curriculum which aims to equip our students with life long skills to aid with the pressures of adolescent and adult life.

The Year 7 session was on friendships; the students were asked to think about consent in this context as well as how to approach more challenging discussions with peers. Year 8 focused on puberty where myths were dispelled and knowledge from their Year 7 Biology lessons was built upon. Year 10s had an interactive session that looked at our digital relationships and how to approach online interactions safely. Awareness of AI’s within influencer culture and the law around sexting and pornography were all covered. Finally, the Year 12s participated interactively with a session that focused on looking after their sexual health. Consent was covered once again here, and videos were used to support the student’s understanding of sexual health clinics. Each session was concluded with signposting to people or websites for reporting, help and advice.