News IRIS Conference 2024 27.06.2024

On Tuesday, 27 students went to present their research to the IRIS Conference at Friends House in London. Students worked on a variety of exciting projects this year – such as learning to code in Python in order to access CERN data and replicate the discovery of the Higgs Boson, use CAD software to model the addition of hydrogen fuel tanks to aeroplanes and minimise drag, use satellite imaging and scanning data to model the progression of the Ferguson California Wildfire or the growth of the Cox Bazaar refugee camp in Bangledesh, and using acoustic software to analyse the differences between vowels produced in different English dialects.  

Beginning work in September, these students have been developing the skills necessary to create and explore their own research questions, to access, analyse, or develop data needed to answer these questions, and at the conference, to communicate their methodology and results.  They were able to discuss their work alongside fellow students from other schools, as well as academics and scientists who work with CERN, develop artificial meat at Adamo Foods, or develop methods of imaging infant brains at Cambridge.