News IRIS Conference 2022 24.06.2022

Congratulations to our IRIS students who presented their research at the IRIS Conference 2022 on Thursday.

The Institute for Research in Schools provides opportunities for UK secondary students and post-16s to participate in cutting-edge STEM research and collaborate with leading universities and institutions while still at school. The IRIS Conference is an ideal opportunity for IRIS students to share their research with their peers from other schools and the wider academic community; helping to build self-confidence, communications skills and fosters collaboration with like-minded individuals.

Tied-in with our Big Data In-house Internship, Chloe, Frida, Poppy, Polina and Rebecca presented their research on how the COVID lockdowns affected levels of air pollution in London, fielding lots of challenging questions on their research. All 20 of our IRIS students also exhibited their posters on their chosen research – including Year 10 and Sixth Form students’ work in learning python programming to interrogate real data from the CERN database to mirror the search for the Higgs boson particle.

Huge thanks to IRIS for the opportunity to meet and hear from such inspiring scientists and well done to our students on the fantastic job they did in presenting their research.