News In-house Internships win Innovation in Education award 16.09.2022

We are absolutely delighted to have won Talk Education’s inaugural Innovation in Education award for Thinking Beyond the Curriculum. The award was in recognition of our In-house Internships which are the ‘live project’ element of our G&L Futures programme and which were launched at the beginning of the year to help students develop the important skills such as teamwork, adaptability, creative thinking and analytical skills that are valued by future employers. Pupils work with business leaders, organisations, experts and professionals and take part in ‘real-life’ analytical and problem-solving activities.

Initial projects managed to wrap in approaches to a host of interesting and complex matters including entrepreneurship, inclusivity, big data, imposter syndrome, small business development, and sustainability. They included the Year 7 Urban Pantry project where students helped a small business develop ideas to increase mid-week revenues; the Lower Sixth project where students helped a music streaming platform to increase its market share; and a project that encouraged our Year 8 students to investigate how Godolphin and Latymer can achieve Net Zero emissions. The students’ final presentations demonstrated just how far they had developed their thinking and their problem-solving, collaboration and research skills. A group of students also presented their ‘Big Data’ research on how the Covid-19 lockdowns affected levels of air pollution in London at the annual IRIS Conference.

This academic year our students will be working on internships with the Hammersmith and Fulham Council Climate Team; Reuters news agency; sustainable food start-up Saved Food; STEM start-up Team Repair; the London School of Economics on their Mentorpreneurship programme; and on a local business loyalty scheme.

Presenting the award, Talk Education said, ‘We wanted to give space and a platform to schools who are really forging ahead with innovative ideas and initiatives. We are so impressed by your G&L Futures initiative and we are thrilled to be able to help you celebrate this’.