News In-house Internships: An update on the LSE Mentorpreneurship 15.12.2022

Following the Lower Sixth’s visit to the LSE campus back at the start of November, around half of the year-group have carried on to design and develop an idea that is intended to create benefit to society or a given community. These students completed the first phase of the joint venture between school’s G&L Futures Live Projects and the Mentorpreneurship programme run through LSE Generate and powered by OakNorth.

During structured coaching sessions at school the students have connected to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, been stimulated through further key research and worked within a decision filter process. Ideas have blossomed and then been refined as they prepared for idea pitches to LSE Generate mentors last Thursday; the feedback offered by these experienced mentors was hugely useful to the students involved. We were delighted to welcome LSE Generate and OakNorth on Friday too to capture the essence of the project through film – we look forward to seeing the finished product after Christmas.

The next phase of the course will involve learning how to prototype effectively to help inform a plan for implementation and a return to LSE Generate in person at the beginning of February will be another fantastic opportunity for expert feedback on the solution hypothesis stage. Whilst the content of the ideas is an important glue throughout the course, it is through the commitment to the process and experience of doing and reflecting which will truly help develop the sorts of skills which will be valuable for now and in the future.

The overall objective of our G&L Futures Live Projects programme is to help students develop the skills they will need in our rapidly changing world so that they can make a positive difference to society and to the businesses and communities they are part of.