News Futures Fair 03.11.2022

On Thursday lunchtime we hosted our Futures Fair, a fabulous opportunity for students to find out more about our award-winning In-house Internships and to sign-up to the programmes that most interest them. Teachers leading the programmes set out their stalls and students, armed with iPads, discovered more about the various programmes and also the Year 10 leadership opportunities for students who want to be involved in the Sustainability and Social Impact committees.

Launched last year as part of our G&L Futures programme, the internships provide opportunities for students to engage with social, environmental and economic issues and to further develop analytical skills, teamwork, adaptability, creative thinking and problem-solving; all mindsets that our students will need in abundance in their future careers. The internships primarily take place here at Godolphin but also enable students to gain invaluable experience working with organisations and business professionals to develop evidence-based ideas and solutions to real-life problems.

This year’s In-house Internships include:

Eco-friendly Travel Choices. Partner: LBH&F Council Climate Alliance
Hammersmith Business Loyalty Card. Partner: Hammersmith Business Improvement District (BID)
News, Media and (mis)Information. In collaboration with Reuters
Sustainable Food Start-Up. Partner: Saved Food
STEM Start-Up. Partner: Team Repair
Mentorpreneurship. Powered by OakNorth and LSE Generate
Social Impact Prize. (With generous sponsorship)
Big Data: London Air Pollution. Partner: IRIS (Independent Research in Schools)