News In-house Internship: Pitching ideas to Team Repair 15.12.2022

Last Friday, as part of our In-House Internship G&L Futures programme, three of our Year 10 and five of our Year 11 students pitched their product ideas to Meg Hales, a young entrepreneur and co-founder of sustainable start-up Team Repair.

Team Repair’s mission is to develop young people’s interest in STEM subjects and to encourage a repair culture by providing fun products to be fixed. Godolphin students were set the problem to find a new product for Team Repair which would appeal to 8-12 year old girls.  Over the course of 8 weeks, students carried out customer discovery sessions using the current Team Repair retro games console with our own Year 7 students, looked at the KS2 and KS3 science curriculum and broke and repaired some test products of their own.

Meg was extremely impressed with their confident and polished final presentations and left inspired to continue to develop Team Repair’s products using some of our students’ ideas. We look forward to seeing Team Repair go from strength to strength and hope to work with them again. Our G&L Futures Live Projects provide students with real-world problem-solving challenges to help them develop the skills they will need later on in life.