News IB Visual Arts Exhibition 2024 15.03.2024

The Hall underwent a captivating transformation this week to showcase this year’s IB Visual Arts Exhibition. Vibrant artworks adorned the space, each one demonstrating a diverse array of explored media and processes, thereby creating a profound visual impact that stimulated the senses of the audience during the Private View on Wednesday evening. 

Every student presented a unique body of work delving into personal themes of inquiry, spanning from superstitions and traditions to the intricate relationships between plants and urban architecture, childhood reminiscences, Greek heritage, reinterpretations of classic myths, and the exploration of dynamism through compositional devices. They passionately articulated their selection of artworks, intentions, discoveries, challenges, and outcomes to an engaged audience comprising parents, family, friends, and teachers, who offered valuable feedback and well-deserved praise.

The exhibition was a triumph, showcasing the talent and dedication of the Visual Arts students. They should rightfully take pride in their accomplishments.