News IB Results 2021 06.07.2021

Our 31 International Baccalaureate students have achieved outstanding results, with a superb average point score of 43. Nine students were awarded the maximum score of 45 points (typically achieved by only 0.4% of all candidates globally).

These results secure our students places at a range of top-ranked UK universities including Cambridge (2), Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Imperial College, Manchester, UCL, Oxford (2) and St Andrews. In addition, this year we have IB students enrolled at Chicago, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Harvard (2) and Yale which are ranked in the top 25 national colleges and universities in the United States. Students have also made the terms of their offers for Canadian and European destinations including IE Madrid, McGill, St Gallen and the Technical University of Denmark.

Many congratulations to all the students and their teachers; these results are testament to their commitment to excellence in all that they do.