News IB Personal Investigations 21.05.2020

As a prelude to their pre-university enrichment programme, the Upper Sixth IB students were invited to select an object to exhibit that pulled together ideas covered in their IB studies, and specifically from their Theory of Knowledge course.  Their objects were selected to provoke discussion around questions such as ‘Are some types of knowledge more open to interpretation than others?’, ‘How might the context in which knowledge is presented influence whether it is accepted or rejected?’ and ‘Should some knowledge not be sought on ethical grounds?’

Students chose a wide and fascinating range of objects which included art works, school text books, the cover of Private Eye, the Elgin marbles and a healing crystal.  Their chosen objects generated some extremely high quality discussion which we hope the girls will continue as they move into their subject-specific seminars over the coming weeks. Most impressive was the girls’ willingness to share objects that were at the same time deeply personal and though-provoking, showcasing a remarkable breadth of interests beyond their academic studies.