News IB Group 4 Project: ‘Living on the Moon’ 20.05.2022

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Lower Sixth IB students took part in their Group 4 project.

Working in teams across the three sciences, they planned and delivered a lesson to our Year 8 students based on the theme ‘Living on the Moon’. Their creativity and ingenuity saw them design practical activities that had the Year 8 students carrying out experiments to determine the most energetic foods to take on their long journey, testing the acidity of soil samples so they could select the best soil to grow plants, making parachutes to allow safe landings and calculating the maximum flight time that would allow them all to survive.

The Lower Sixth students showed fantastic levels of imagination, excellent teamwork and communication skills, as well as a sound grasp of Science. The Year 8 students were fully engaged, finding it interesting and enjoyable and they made the most of their chance to find out more about life in the Sixth Form. One student summed it up saying, ‘the students were all really kind and helpful during the activity and I learnt a lot whilst having fun as well, it also made me think about IB in the future’.

Well done, Lower Sixth!