News IB Enrichment Programme 13.05.2021

Upper Sixth IB students have been busy with a range of activities as part of their post-lessons Enrichment Programme.

Launching last week with a workshop and group research project on academic misconceptions, students then attended a variety of university research skills sessions delivered by members of staff, delving into areas such as ‘How to read a critique a scientific journal’, ‘Overcoming academic roadblocks’ and ‘Artefact based primary research’. Following these, the school has hosted a series of academic seminars delivered by external experts, several of whom are members of the Old Dolphin community. These seminars have touched on a range of subjects and introduced the students to a more university style of teaching and learning, requiring plenty of their own input, research and critical thinking. The subjects explored over the course of the last week have included: ‘Mobilising the Financial System for Climate Action: Can Bankers Save the World’ by Dr Elizabeth Harnett; ‘Social Media and Scientific Disinformation’ by Dr Bryan Brazeau and ‘Balance and Patronage in the Arts’ with Kit Griffiths.

This is just a selection of the seminars held this week and we are extremely grateful to all our speakers who have given their time to expose the IB students to new areas of interest and new ways of thinking. The programme continues next week and we are looking forward to seeing the students continue to engage as positively as they have done so far.