News How Old Dolphin Crystal Eisinger challenged the School Council to consider what leadership looks like 08.10.2020

On Monday our new Student Council representatives met for the first time and pondered what leadership looks like as part of their Council training.

The School Council is made up of elected student representatives from across every year of the school. Training the students for their role helps the School Council operate effectively and teaches the girls to work collaboratively across year groups to implement change. To help students understand the importance of effective leadership, we were delighted to welcome Old Dolphin Crystal Eisinger (Class of 2008), Head of Brand Strategy and Editorial at Google to speak at the inaugural year meeting. The 2019 winner of the Women in Advertising and Communications’  ‘Future Leaders Award’ asked students to consider what a leader looks like and encouraged students to reflect on their own experiences of leadership; identifying personal strengths as well as areas for improvement.

Thank you to Crystal for coming in to speak to the Student Council. We look forward to seeing them working with the school to implement positive change throughout the year.