News How Nicole’s strategy to end world hunger saw her win the Kew Gardens Endeavour Competition 15.10.2020

We are delighted to share the news that Nicole in the Lower Sixth has been chosen as the winner of the Endeavour challenge competition hosted by Kew Gardens. 

During the period of remote working, Year 11 students were offered the opportunity to research, write and deliver a persuasive speech proposing a strategy to achieve the United Nations’ goal of zero hunger by 2030. Appealing to her audience to recognise the urgency of the global hunger emergence, Nicole planned and recorded an engaging and powerful speech presenting a wide-reaching argument for adopting a three-part strategy to end world hunger. Nicole spoke passionately on the rapidly growing movement of urban agriculture (as popularised by Michelle Obama) and offsetting its limitations against its value as a self sufficient way of increasing food production. To convince her listeners of the viability of her plan, she impressively drew on case studies from across the developing world, including Haiti’s success in challenging traditional gender roles by empowering women to learn the practical skills needed to make agriculture profitable, 

Nicole reflected on her win saying ‘I think it’s so important to shed light on breaking the cycle of poverty and building strong communities, something that hangs on achieving zero hunger.’

Godolphin is proud to continue to offer students opportunities to learn about local, national and global issues, and encourage them to take an active responsibility for the community and the environment in which they live. As a result of Nicole’s success, the school received an award of £1,000 to inspire the next generation of plant scientists.