News House Drama Festival 2024 27.03.2024

The last night of term saw our annual House Drama Festival fill the Bishop Centre with exuberant support for each House’s performances. It was a fantastic night of dramatic, musical, and comic talent. The students had three challenges, à la Great British Bake Off: a Signature Challenge, for which they had to insert a character from Friends into various teen fantasy film scenes; a Technical Challenge, for which each House performed two improvised scenes to unprepared scenario prompts; and a Showstopper Challenge, where they had to perform a song from a musical with lyrics rewritten in support of their House.

The evening’s efforts were entirely student-led, with the Captains and directors for each House recruiting actors and singers, and leading rehearsals throughout the term, all in their own time and under their own steam. They impressed with how well-rehearsed they were, and how hilarious the end results were! 

Special mentions go to Bassi for their ‘human bowling ball’ during the Technical Challenge, to Quinn Brown for a hilarious exploration of how Joey would behave in Twilight, and to Lovelace for their polished and energetic rendition of ‘Don’t Lose Ur Head’ from SIX. Many congratulations to Sheppard for coming in first position overall, and especially for their inclusive and celebratory showstopper, as they had chosen to rewrite their lyrics in support of all six Houses, not just their own.

Well done to all those involved – what a night!