News Godolphin musicians connect with local care home 21.05.2021

Godolphin musicians have partnered with Together with Music to share the joy of music with a local care home in Chiswick.

Together with Music is an intergenerational campaign created to encourage and inspire community connections both now, in this new virtual world and in the future when we can be together in person once again. TWM’s platform aims to inspire, support and empower care homes, schools and community groups to play an active role within their neighbourhood.

We were pleased to learn that Old Dolphin Vicki Smith (Class of 1996) works as part of the TWM’s Regional Connector Team, who put different community groups in contact with each other. Having been paired with a care home in Chiswick, our Year 7 Glee Club sent a recording of ‘A Little More Homework’ from the musical ’13’. For many, it was their first experience of recording music, and in the accompanying handwritten messages from the club, the girls described the challenges of recording the video remotely and how much fun they had in making the video.

Through music and the act of music making, sustainable and creative connections can be made which will build stronger, healthier and more integrated communities for years to come and we are so delighted to be able to contribute to this fantastic campaign.