News G&L Futures Partner Up 15.03.2024

During STEM week we were delighted to welcome 90 Year 7 students from partner school, Sacred Heart High School to take part in our Team Repair Futures Live Project. The students took part in a team challenge to fix a games console; they were mentored by 22 Year 10 Godolphin students with the help of our Physics department.

G&L Futures Live Projects provide students with real-world problem-solving challenges that are fully immersive and experiential by linking up with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and the wider community. Team Repair encourage students get hands-on with real products, developing an intrinsic interest in how things work and exploring the STEM curriculum in a unique way. They have been actively involved in our In-house Internship programme, providing students with the tools, skills, and confidence to repair their broken gadgets while creating a long term impact of reducing waste. Godolphin students have been working with Team Repair to develop new products for their programme so this was a fantastic project for our STEM week and also a perfect opportunity to roll-out G&L Futures to a partner school.

Students from Sacred Heart commented, ‘ It’s been great to learn about circuits. There was a lot of trial and error and we needed to be resilient and not give up. We worked together with determination and patience and we did it!’

This collaborative effort encouraged problem-solving skills and fostered a passion for practical STEM applications.