News Geopolitics Author Tim Marshall Headlines Literature Week 03.03.2022

On Tuesday we welcomed geopolitical author, journalist & foreign affairs expert, Tim Marshall, to Godolphin and Latymer, as part of our Literature Week 2022. Tim was a longstanding Foreign Affairs Editor and Diplomatic Editor for Sky News and during the 24-years at Sky he reported from thirty countries and covered the events of twelve wars. He is also the author of a number of bestselling books including Prisoners of Geography ,

At our Middle School assembly and Lower Sixth presentation Tim spoke about the importance of understanding the geographic landscape of countries when considering the historic, economic & political context of conflicts and political tension around the world. He explained how we are moving from a multipolar world back to a bipolar world (as experienced during the cold war) but this time dominated by the US and China: democratic versus authoritarian states. Tim provided a lot of context to the current crisis in the Ukraine including Russia’s access to warm waters and the importance of the North European plain and the 300 mile ‘gap’ made up of Ukraine and Belarus that allows movement of people between eastern and western Europe. Tim also looked at the Australian alliance with the US and the current tensions in the China seas and other geopolitical hotspots around the world, and our surrounding orbit.

At lunchtime Tim ran a special session for Upper Sixth students and staff answering a whole range of questions about the Ukraine invasion from the role of cyber warfare, to the timing of the invasion, to the response of NATO and the EU communities. The workshop ended on a positive and hopeful note paying tribute to the resolve and bravery of the Ukraine leaders and people and the strength of democracy.