News Geography Field Studies in Hammersmith and Ravenscourt Park 24.09.2020

Unable to travel to the Lake District, our Upper Sixth A Level and IB geographers have found plenty to investigate in our neighbourhood Hammersmith and Ravenscourt Park for their Field Studies. They had the opportunity to use the new state-of-the-art air quality monitors, equipment that was provided by the 2019-20 Annual Fund.

Students pondered the impact of the closure of Hammersmith Bridge on consumers and small business owners; considered mobility, accessibility and services on offer to identify whether Hammersmith was an age-friendly place; looked at the extent to which heritage affects the built environment around Shepherds Bush, and how the Westfield development has impacted on the historic Shepherd’s Bush market and the challenges and opportunities it faces from redevelopment and shifting demography. Physical geographers investigated the amount of carbon stored in Ravenscourt Park and how the park is managed and maintained. Using the new hand-held air quality monitors, students were also able to assess air pollution in W6 and the trees capacity to absorb pollutants.