News Frida, Year 10, Joins Panel for COP27 16.11.2022

Many congratulations to Frida, Year 10, who, on Friday morning, was part of a COP27 live panel event alongside other climate advisors, activists and young inventors. The session was co-moderated by Dominic Wilcox, Chief Inventor, Little Inventors, and Āniva Clarke, Climate Activist, CRIN and General Comment 26 Children’s Advisory Team advisor. The panel also included: Mikiko Otani, Chair, United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child;  Eva Tomič, Ambassador-At-Large for Climate Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia; and Hendrikus van Hensbergen, Author, CEO Action for Conservation.

This fantastic opportunity came about after Frida and her team participated in a competition from Little Inventors and the Child Rights International Network, where they were asked to come up with an invention that could contribute to solving the climate challenge the world faces. Their idea of a machine using algae to reduce the climate crisis was one of ten ideas chosen out of 800 entries from around the world. It was subsequently realised in 3D with the help of a digital artist for an exhibition at the Palais des Nations in Geneva for a UN conference.