News Extended Project Qualification Presentations 25.09.2020

Upper Sixth A Level students had the great satisfaction of giving their Extended Project Qualification presentations this week.

It is always an enormous pleasure for the staff who have supervised their research over the last year to see the culmination of their interests and efforts.  The EPQ gives students the freedom to conduct independent research into an area of personal interest beyond their A Level syllabi. By posing a challenging question and answering it with a 5,000 word essay or an artefact, the process fosters independent learning, and teaches students transferable skills such as time management, research and analytical skills that helps to prepare them for what awaits at university.

This year’s questions ranged from ‘To what extent does epigenetics contribute to nutritional advice given to pregnant women as part of prenatal care?’ to ‘To what extent is cycling infrastructure more effective in Amsterdam than in London?’, while artefacts included a choreographed ballet performance, and an original graphic short story (pictured).